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22nd - 26th March (1100 x 250 px) (15)

Abúlé means Village in the Yoruba language.

Growing up in Nigeria, I was raised with African values and saw first-hand the difference community makes to individuals throughout the life course.

I believe in the African proverb: It takes a village to raise a child.  I am who I am because of the massive village that have supported me throughout my life.

This principle is not unique to Nigeria.

Ubuntu is an African concept referring to humanness.  It means "humanity" and is sometimes translated as "I am because we/you are" or "humanity towards others".  It gives expression to deeply-held African ideals of one's personhood being rooted in one's interconnectedness with others.

Umoja means unity or oneness.  Unity is essential, keeps us together and creates harmony.



Our vision at Abúlé CIC is to create a village, a support system around individuals and communities for those who have been marginalised especially during the COVID19 pandemic.  Our aim is to enable individuals and communities reduce inequalities, inequities and improve health outcomes, foster agency and self-efficacy.

Our values are Inclusion, Belonging, Community, Interdependence, Justice and Equity.

Abúlé's activities will provide benefits to residents within communities in the UK and around the globe.  Abúlé CIC will support community development to enable them to generate solutions to local problems.  It will support a wide range of communities working with community-based organisations and groups with their community assets (people and physical spaces), through social action, community enterprise development and leadership initiatives.

Our aim is to co-design and co-produce local, regional, national projects and internationally.

With People

  • With Woman – Pregnancy and Childbirth, Parenting to Preschool
  • With Child – Infant and Child Health – Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • With Communities – Trauma-Informed Community Network
  • With Professionals – Trauma-Informed Leadership Programmes, Trauma-Informed Clinical Restorative Supervision, Mentoring and Coaching, Long-COVID Recovery Programme
  • Training and Consultancy



Engaging with community leaders, champions and residents to enable them to find solutions to social problems that affect them e.g. tackling inequalities and inequities resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, social isolation, mental health problems, effects of poverty and deprivation.

Using community social action and enterprise to reduce social and health inequalities and inequities and improve health and life outcomes.

Education of the relevant stakeholders including residents, professionals, community groups and organisation to reduce health inequalities and improve health outcomes for residents employing trauma-informed practices throughout the life course.

Coming Soon: Conquering Covid

Abúlé (Our Village) offers bespoke support to enable you to heal from your Long-COVID journey.  We do this by walking with you, offering you a village, a community of support; and tools to support your recovery journey, because it takes a village!

The programme will employ a strengths-based, solution focused approach and utilise the power of one’s mindset to support clinicians to gradually heal.